Got tired of entering the login credential again and again for IITJ WLAN. This blog will save you :)

The firewall authentication tab opened in chrome should remain running in background. Leave the tab open and do your stuff.

WLAN CRED is a chrome extension that automatically logs you in…

In this blog, we will set up a simple Rails API App from scratch. We won’t be going through building models or controllers here.

Installing Rails

Let’s install rails first, we will be using Rails 5.1 here for example, if you don’t have it run

gem install rails -v '~> 5.1'


In this blog, we will be looking at how to work with cookies to setup authentication or session management in your web application.

Check this Session Management: Cookies vs localstorage for why we are using cookies to handle session management.

We can work with cookies via HTML or JS directly…

Aman Kumar

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