• John Ryan Cottam

    John Ryan Cottam

    Senior-level solutions engineer passionate about creating and supporting cutting-edge software products and services.

  • Anisha


  • olaoluwa fatolu

    olaoluwa fatolu

  • João Paulo M Sant’ana

    João Paulo M Sant’ana

    Senior backend developer, specialized in architecture and code design, Ruby on Rails lover! My greatest goal writing is to help other developers to get better!

  • Alfredo Cancino

    Alfredo Cancino

  • Eli


    Gamer, Geek culture, Books, Beers, Cars, Technology, Software developer. PSN Tag: eliltz_

  • Hemani Gajjar

    Hemani Gajjar

    Enjoys Music, Dance & reading Medium Articles. Also, tech.

  • Sanjay Kumar K K R

    Sanjay Kumar K K R

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