React Login Portal Starter

While working on an idea you want to invest most of your effort in building the business model and logic.

Generic Login Portal helps you in that way by giving you a head start on your frontend development. Just clone the repository on your system and change the API Url and boom!! You have a fully functional Login Portal.

A Login Portal is a basic and must to have to run your business and enable end-users to use your software. But without devoting lots of effort in the development of the basic login portal from scratch, this project enables you to focus more on your business logic.

Link For Repository: Generic-Login-Portal
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Technologies Used: ReactJS, Antd


  1. Fully Customizable -> With the source code with you, you can iterate the flow or design as per your needs


The Project categorizes webpages into 3 types:
1. Auth Pages:- These are pages which a user visits to get authenticated and visit the portal. If a user isn't logged in, the portal homepage will redirect them to sign in page. Like Sign Up, Sign In
2. Private Pages:- These are pages within a web portal which can only be viewed if the user is logged in or authenticated. Like homepage of your portal
3. General Pages:- These are pages within a website which can be viewed by anyone irrespective of if the user is logged in or not. Like FAQs

A logged in user can view a general Page but not the auth page.


Login Page (/sign-in)
Sign Up (/sign-up)
Dashboard (/)

Google Analytics

To setup Google Analytics in your website,
1. Create a Google Analytics Property and get your Tracking Id (UA-12346–1)
2. Replace Tracking Id in src/Home/index

Hope the project makes your work easier. Give it a star on Github 😃.

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