React Login Portal Starter


  1. Fully Customizable -> With the source code with you, you can iterate the flow or design as per your needs
  2. Antd -> Antd is a React Components Library which provides you with rich components to use in your product.
  3. Mobile-Friendly -> Responsive behaviour of portal is a priority and it will behave well in mobile too.
  4. Google Analytics -> Just Change the Google Analytics Id, and you will get the insights of your website visitors quickly.
  5. Brand Logo -> Change the logo in the source code and watch your brand logo at the navbar.
  6. Register and Forgot Password Pages -> Not just log in, the portal also care of register (Sign Up ) Page and Forgot Password Flows.
  7. Backend Integration -> Just change a single Url and your all API calls will be directed to your server.



Login Page (/sign-in)
Sign Up (/sign-up)
Dashboard (/)

Google Analytics

To setup Google Analytics in your website,
1. Create a Google Analytics Property and get your Tracking Id (UA-12346–1)
2. Replace Tracking Id in src/Home/index



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